Nov 2017

Reliable websites for CA Updates

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Heyaaa.. šŸ˜ Just for fun. If you are feeling bored as i am so this post is for you.

Before you read the entire post there is a disclaimer. Our intention is not to pointing any website but it is necessarily to know which websites related to CAĀ Updates and their contentĀ is reliable.

There is a poll below in which you need to select the answer. YouĀ can select maximum 3 options from all the options. ChooseĀ the top three from them. If you resubmit the poll then system will not consider your answer.Ā The result will be displayed after submitting your answer.

In any case you will not find your website there then you can select the other option and provide your answer. We will then update that answer later on.

Before submit your answer kindly consider the these points.

Ask yourself :

whether the website you chosen is really for the purpose for helping the CA students or for the purpose of earning money from theĀ advertisements. I am saying this because many website shows advertisement on the full page and somewhere you need to search for your content in the middle. šŸ˜ƒ

When you search on the internet for something and got a link, is the content available on the site? I am saying this because sometime we search some information on internet and the link also available but when you click on it there is no content which you require.

whether you will get reply from your query on time?

whether the availability of update is received on time?

Just now search on internet something abnormal like ” November 2016 suggested answers”, “CPTĀ december 2016 question papers”Ā etc and you will find many website which you think reliable areĀ only for generate ranking.

The Poll is below Choose your good one website. Comment below so that others will get benefit. Be loyal.


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