Nov 2017

ICAI Announcement : Residential Programme to be held from 25th Nov

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Board of Studies is pleased to announce the next batch of ICAI Four Weeks Residential Programme on Professional Skills Development

Must Read for you15 Days GMCS or Four Weeks Residential Programme

For Women Participants : 25th November, 2016 to 22nd December, 2016 at Centre of Excellence,Hyderabad.

For Men Participants 27th December, 2016 to 23rd January, 2017 at Centre of Excellence, Hyderabad.

This programme offers a unique opportunity and would focus on development of communication skills, leadership skills, personal traits for effective functioning in business organization and profession. Keeping in view the basic emphasis of the programme on Development of Communication and Writing skills and also to imbibe confidence in the participants the content of the programme have been thoroughly revised. More emphasis is given on soft skills, developing personality trait and communication skills of the participants by allocating more time towards these topics.

Only the students who have passed Chartered Accountancy IPCC/ PCC/ PE- II examination and pursuing last year of article training or completed Articleship training are invited to join the course. Recently qualified Men Chartered Accountants are also welcome to join the course.

Salient Features:

  • Emphasis on Soft Skills, Communication Skills and Personality Development.
  • Part of Articleship Training.
  • No need for Separate GMCS/GMCS-II.
  • Special Sessions on Group Discussion.
  • Preparation of Projects and Presentation Skills.
  • Building Team Spirit.

Registration may be made by paying 20% of fees, i.e., Rs. 8,000/- or full fees, i.e. Rs. 40,000/- through Credit card or Net Banking facility using online payment portal.

To make Registration : Click Here

In view of limited seats , please send your registration as early as possible. Registration is normally on First-come-First-serve basis, subject to logical criteria.

All eligible women students/ women members interested to pursue this programme may click Here for details of programme .

All eligible men students/ men members interested to pursue this programme may click Here for details of programme .

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