Nov 2017

Quick Revision of Indirect Tax – ICAI

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If you are not aware, on the April 2017 Student’s Journal edition ICAI has issued Quick revision charts of Indirect Tax May 2017 Students. It also include notification and circulars which is issud till 31.10.2016 and thus relevant for May 2017 Exams.

By ICAI – on Student’s Journal April, 2017 Edition

It has always been the endeavour of Board of Studies to provide quality academic inputs to the students of Chartered Accountancy Course. Keeping in mind this objective, BoS has decided to come out with a crisp and concise capsule of each subject to facilitate students in quick revision before examination. The first of such series of capsules is on Paper 8: Indirect Tax Laws of the Final Course. The capsule on Paper 8: Indirect Tax Laws is based on the position of law as amended by the Finance Act, 2016 & significant notifications and circulars issued till 31.10.2016 and is thus, relevant for students appearing in May, 2017 examination. Students may note that this capsule is a tool for quick revision of some significant aspects of indirect tax laws and thus, should not be taken as a substitute for the detailed study of the subject. Students are advised to refer to the relevant Study Material, Practice Manual, Supplementary Study Paper – 2016, Select Cases in Direct and Indirect Tax Laws – 2016 and Revision Test Paper for May, 2017 examination for comprehensive study and revision.

So it is requested to all CA Final students to go through Student Journal (specially April, 2017) to update yourself with ICAI material.



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