Nov 2017

GST Study Material by ICAI – Acts and Draft Rules

GST Study Material by ICAI

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ICAI have its own indirect tax Committee. The main function of the Committee is to examine the indirect taxes laws, rules, regulations, circulars, notifications etc., which may be enacted or issued by the Government from time to time and to send suitable memoranda containing suggestions for improvements in the respective legislation. The Indirect Taxes Committee actively facilitates the process of formulation of budget by offering pre-budget and post-budget suggestions/comments to simplify tax laws and their administration for the purpose of making it more responsive to tax payers.

Another important function of the Committee is to enhance the awareness/ knowledge of the members of the ICAI relating to indirect taxes and the potential opportunities offered by this area by organising workshops, certificate courses, seminars, e-learning and interactive programme independently as also with trade and industry.”

About the GST Study material by ICAI

This GST Study Material is comprehensive containing clause by clause analysis of the GST Law along with FAQ’s, MCQ’s, Flowcharts and Illustrations etc. to make the reading and understanding easier.

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