Nov 2017

10 Marks of GST Questions In Nov 2017 Examination

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Today on 25th May, 2017 while giving a lecture on Concept of GST by CA Atul Kumar Gupta in Live webcast he told that Max 10 marks questions will be coming in this november 2017 Exams and will be announced formally through website announcement later on.

Unlike earlier announcement made by ICAI on 30th March, 2017 it was clarified that for Nov 2017 GST will not be applicable.

So till now as per the formal announcement  made by ICAI it seems that GST will be applicable from May 2018 and onwards but ICAI wants that students should be aware about the basic understanding/Overview of GST system and therefore may ask small questions in Nov 2017 Examination max upto 10 marks.

ICAI already had provided the study material for GST (May 2017 edition). You can refer that for your basic understanding.

Also ICAI has started issue Monthly newsletter which will really provide the crisp knowledge in short time.

I am providing you some important link for your reference.

ICAI Provide GST Supplementary book for Nov 2017

ICAI 25th May 2017 webcast

ICAI GST study Material

ICAI GST Newsletter

Read also : Updated May 30, 2017

ICAI Issued Some More Clarification for GST Applicability in CA Final Paper 8 Indirect tax


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