Nov 2017

CA Final Pass Percentage May 2017- 22.98%

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CA Final May 2017 pass Percentage including Top 3 Pass out.

All says CA Final exams are very tough in comparison to other professional competitive exams. is it? If we seen past 5 attempts including May 2017 Pass percentage it will give us more clarity. Instead as earlier results were between 5%-10% now it become from 10% to 25%. Even in May 2017 Result it becomes 23%.

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CA Final May 2017 Pass Percentage

Particulars No. of Candidates Passed Candidates Pass Percentage
Group I 41,373 5,717 13.82%
Group II 38,478 6,234 16.20%
Both Groups
(Passed one of the Groups or Both Groups)
34,503 7,928 22.98%

The total number of passing students in May 2017 Exam are 10,276

Past trend of CA Final exam Percentage in brief. Where highest Passing Percentage in Nov 2007 28.26% and lowest percentage in Nov 2013 3.11%

Nov,2016 11.57
May,2016 11.36
Nov,2015 5.75
May,2015 8.26
Nov,2014 8.23
May,2014 7.29
Nov,2013 3.11
May,2013 10.03
Nov, 2012 12.97
May,2012 16.38
Nov, 2011 15.78
May,2011 20.51

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CA Final Topppers May 2017

Particulars Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Name Raj Paresh Seth Agathiswaran S Krishna Pawan Gupta
Roll No. 214824 223088 188858
Marks 630/800 602/800 601/800
Percentage 78.75% 75.25% 75.13%
City Dombivalli Vellore Mumbai

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