Nov 2017

Why Important to Attend Mock Tests Series

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Clearing exams of CA & CS is not an easy task and not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires comprehensive preparation right from conceptual clarity to planning sequence of answering questions in the final paper.

One of the most important thing being writing practice i.e. Test Series.

Simply put, let’s apply matching concept.
What are we expected to do in exams?

But how much time do we actually spend writing! A point to think upon.
Students just keep reading, reading and reading. Seriously, it never ends.

So, whatever time we spend on exam preparation, we must spend at least HALF time in writing practice.

Writing should be consistent.

It’s a type of self-study kind of thing. You can do it yourself at home. You can practice past papers and check it with suggested answers or attempt institute mock tests, etc.

2nd option is Test Series available at most of the coaching centres nowadays.


1. Speed is a thing which takes it own time to increase and that too happens if its consistent. You have to write something DAILY.

2. Planning the answers is really important because today questions are practical and not purely theoretical. So, through test series you develop a habit of forming answers and improving the spontaneous answering ability.

3. Removal of FEAR. Many students have too much unnecessary fear of exams. Fear is good but it should motivate you to add more time to study and not demotivate you by making your hands shiver at the exam centre.

4. You gain supreme confidence. You feel fully prepared for it, which is very important. Its all about mindset.

5. It inculcates some Pressure to study and most importantly study regularly.

6. It forces you to plan your studies well before time. If your study schedule is prepared, no one can disturb your studies because you feel you are losing something and you may fails in exams. So you stick to your schedule and fight with people who come between you and your study schedule.

So, guys take maximum benefit of test series. Even online test series is available today, so you cannot have any excuse.

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All the best.

The article is provided by CA Amit Talada, he can also be reached at


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