Nov 2017


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CA Rocks was started in June 2011 and is dedicated to profiling Accounts News, happenings related to Chartered Accountancy and CA Students related updates. This site intends to keep an eye on Economics, Accounting & Finance & Book-keeping related stuffs and presents all useful ones in a way you like.

CA Rocks is ultimately different from other similar websites. We do not provide any vague content. Our aim is to provide the content which is helpful for their studies so that they can score highest marks.

We provide study material, practice manual, suggested answers, RTP’s and important announcements under the one roof. Our mobile app and Website both are user-friendly and can be access at anytime.

We love to hear you and want you to keep coming back. Also, you can also be a contributor on to share a tip or interesting news with us.


To keep you updated with quality and fresh content, we have a team of Authors consisting of different people specialized in specific categories.

CA Dushyant Kumar (Author)

Dushyant is Author and owner of CA Rocks. He is a Technology Enthusiast and CA Student. Loves playing with electronic gadgets and believes in Simple Living.


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CA Reena Kumari (Editor)

Reena Kumari is a tech blogger with an eye for details and features of Accounts & Taxation. She likes exploring new concepts in the field of taxation and accounts. She has years of experience in troubleshooting beginner problems in Taxation Matters, writing is an attempt to share this knowledge.

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